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Live Games Broadcast / Watching Chess Tournaments Online

  • Chess - watch top tournaments with state-of-the-art broadcast system, featuring computer analysis, the ability to try out your own moves, live standings and much more
  • ChessBomb - will broadcast live most significant chess events (tournaments and matches), with realtime computer engine analysis
  • Chessdom - games will be daily live with analysis on this website
  • Eitschess - developer and producer of electronic chess broadcasting systems (Internet Viewer)
  • Palive by Eric Bentzen - Replay pgn games and broadcast live games
  • pgn4web - a javascript chess games viewer for websites, blogs and live broadcasts
  • REGO - a TLCS/TLCV compatible live games viewer written in Java that allows you to connect to live game broadcasts. It has ran successfully on both Windows and Macs.
  • Tom's Live Chess Viewer/Server by Tom McBurney; utility for watching computer chess games live on the internet
  • TWIC - The Week In Chess - British magazibe
  • WEB-MATCH - on Rebel´s site is a web utility to broadcast computer engine-engine matches live on the internet
  • Winboard Remote Game Observer Server & Client - WBRGO allows winboard games to be viewed remotedly. The output of the debug file (winboard.debug) is decoded by the server and sent through TCP/IP network to any connected clients

Pairings Managers

  • Chess Pairing by Harald Lögdahl - Supports Swiss, Nordic Swiss and Monrad pairings
  • GSwiss - tool by Stefan Knöfel to allot pairings of a chess tournament using the usual “swiss” system - it it basically designed to handle a large number of players
  • JavaPairing by Eugenio Cervesato. JavaPairing is a tool to manage a chess tournament. It is pure Java and can run as is on any platform, including Windows, Linux and Macintosh (JRE 1.6 or more required). It is free and open source under the GPLv3 license. Dutch, Dubov, r.r., Amalfi.
  • Pairfx by mrxjn - chess pairing program for run through tournaments; it supports the organization of a so-called 'run through' tournament. You can add and remove players on the fly and adjust the pairings if you wish. Its not round based but game based, so those who can play faster will be playing more games than those who play slower.
  • SOSS Chess pairings, reporting, and tournament administration. Open source.
  • Swiss Perfect Commercial product - a Windows software that assists a Tournament Director in administration of chess tournaments that pair opponents in each round by Swiss or round-robin pairing rules. Primarily intended for chess, the program has enhancements that make it suitable for other board games tournaments, in particular Othello/Reversi and Draughts/Checkers.
  • Tournament Manager by David Safranek with the features :Swiss system, Round Robin, fast pairing, processing simultaneous several tournaments, convenient and rapid result input, information, lists of all rounds can outputed any time.
  • Vega Tournament administration program supporting Dubov Swiss and Round Robin pairings. Large and elaborate program. Free version limited to 30 players maximum.

Playing Strength Calculations (Elo-System, Evaluation)

Tournament Managers

  • Chess Tournament Management by Kent Smotherman includes a player database and round pairings with many other features
  • Cuteswiss by Alex Brunetti for swiss tournaments between any number of engines, using cutechess-cli tool (version 0.5.1-SF) by Ilari Pihlajisto and Arto Jonsson. During the tournament it's always possible to add or remove engines on-the-fly, by just editing the engines.json reference file read by cutechess-cli.
  • FSTM (WB) - by Fermin Serrano. Fermin Serrano's Tournament Manager for Winboard. Supports mp, Round Robin and Gauntlet. Built-in Bayes Elo, EPDs of 130 starting positions.
  • Galis WBTM (WB) - Galis Winboard Tournament Manager by Nikola Bacic. Supports Round Robin and Gauntlet. Can generate html cross-table from tournament results.
  • Hoichess Tourney Manager - Perl-script based chess tournament manager by Holger Ruckdeschel
  • IG WBTM by Igor Gorelikov s a tournament manager to run automated tournaments between chess engines using Winboard.
  • Litchie Pro - league and tournament management sports software by Nils Beckmann - calculations like Elo / Buchholz / Sonneborn-Berger are supported
  • LittleBlitzer (UCI) - a Windows tournament manager program by Nathan Thom; a command line interface for playing high-speed games
  • NICE - by Ed Schröder; New Investigator Chess Engines is a tool meant to significantly shorten long lasting engine testing like eng-eng matches with CUTE-chess-cli of 10,000, 15,000 … 30,000 bullet games
  • PSWBTM (WB) - by Pradu Kannan; Pradu's Simple Winboard Tournament Manager; supports Round Robin and Gauntlet.
  • Round Robin for chess engines - by Marco Broglia to generate a Round Robin tournament schedule, running the matches and suited to create a ranking in different styles
  • Sevilla - a chess tournament manager by JBF Software; Supports Swiss (rating/Dutch, Buchholtz/SB, Dubov, Lim), Keizer (ranking, TPR and “Sevilla percentage”), Round robin (Berger and Rutsch), and Amsterdam.
  • SWIPS - by Peter Truchan & team from Slovakia to create/manage/publish chess tournaments including their results; the basic SWIPS edition is freeware
  • UFTE (WB/UCI) - Ultra Fast Tournament Environment by Onno Garms; command line interface for playing high-speed games
  • WinMan - Alex WBTM (WB) private site - Winboard Manager by Alex Guerrero. Supports Round Robin and Gauntlet. Can do playing strength calculations (requires BayesElo). Also supports UCI engines in Winboard (requires Polyglot). Supports Nunn tournaments with starting positions. Download chess fonts for Winboard too!

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